Drawings for The Trees (pt.2)

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Whisperer 17

I’ve uploaded a lot of drawings I made while writing The Trees. They’re all of whisperers, and can be seen via the Drawings link in the site menu. For a time I was sketching one of these every morning on a writing day, before beginning any work on the novel itself. My daughter had only just been born and life was chaotic (it still is). These helped me gather my thoughts together, pencil to paper before pen.

Drawings for The Trees (pt.1)

AliThe Trees

Whisperer 1

I’ve kept trying to find time, in the fortnight since The Trees was published, to post some of the drawings I made while I was writing it. Time for a fight with my scanner, and a clean-up in Photoshop. I haven’t quite finished yet, but thought I’d post the four whisperers whose pictures appear in the book itself. The others will come a-creeping soon, I promise. These were just done with pencils and graphite sticks in a tiny, square-shaped sketchbook.  For a while I drew one whisperer in there every day, as a kind of exercise to help focus on the novel.

The Trees is Out Now

AliThe Trees

Yesterday was quite a bewildering day for me.  I dropped Inka off at nursery and was stuck in a traffic jam on the way home, when my phone pinged with a message from my sister-in-law.  She was letting me know about a review of The Trees from the Herald Scotland.  Which obviously I couldn’t read, because I was slogging my way through the traffic, but as soon as I was parked I got to it.  The review said: The Trees is a stunning and vivid examination of the relationship between humans and the environment in which they live. Violent, beautiful, devastating … Read More

Reading at Mostly Books, Abingdon – 16th March


Just a reminder that I’m going to be reading at Mostly Books in Abingdon next Wednesday, 16th March, at 7.30pm.  They’ve got just a few tickets remaining, so do come along and see me if you’re in the area. Info and tickets can be found here – http://www.mostly-books.co.uk/2016/02/this-is-how-world-will-end-trees-with.html



Hans King of Pigs

One of the reasons I’m really excited about The Trees being published is that it contains four of my drawings.  Soon I’ll upload several more of the pictures I drew for it, but in the meantime I’ve tidied up and compiled lots of old ones in the Drawings section of this site.  You can see them all via the link in the menu.