Nov 192010

I got over to the V&A the other day for an exhibition that Midas Crook would have loved.  It’s called Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography and it’s about just that.  Every photo on display has been taken without the use of a camera, and the results are fascinating.  The show has a very experimental flavour (at times the pieces are interesting because of how they have been created, rather than how they actually look) but it’s still ingenious and I’d recommend a visit before it finishes on the 20th February.

My favourite pieces were a pair of photograms (that’s the technical word for a photo of this sort) taken by Floris Neusüss during a thunderstorm at night.  Neusüss left sheets of photographic paper under the rain, then when the lightning flashed it brought the necessary exposure to create images such as the one below.

Floris Neusüss, 'Gewitterbild, Kassel, 1984'

If you’re interested in this, the V&A have dedicated a detailed portion of their website to the exhibition and have included video interviews with the artists.  Click below to head over there.

Shadow Catchers


As for me, the lack of recent posts has been due to a lot of work on the new novel, as well as a project for this blog that’s got me very excited.  More soon.

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  1. I have toyed with escapism in studying and personal reflection. Perhaps the addiction to the Internet is one way to conceive of a resurgence in it–though some studies say people remain the same in their individual state while on the web. Also, addiction to consumerism in the United States in racketing buyers to consume more to alleviate feelings of loneliness and alienation as well as physical pain I have witnessed in myself it seems I’ll never tear free of the social addictions whether in work or play, or else conquer single-handedly some alternate form of occupation,

    mostly, loved Girl with Glass Feet, will recommend Swedish Folk & Fairy Tales.. I have English Fairy Tales c 1960s it’s scary!!

    Will most likely read new one when it comes out in US bookstores. Great following you on Twitter, when you do write something or another, to pique my interest. Do send us a word to announce its publish date, please!

  2. Did you see any of the photos that Sebastian Edge took at End of the Road in 2008?

    They’re pretty great.

  3. Thanks Rebecca – I’d recommend Yi Fu Tuan’s book on the subject. As for the new book’s pub date, I wish I could give you one but I’m afraid there’s nothing decided yet. As soon as I get any info I’ll be sure to post it here.

    And Adam, thanks for the EOTR link. My favourite is the photo on his frontpage – that eerie double exposure wearing Wellington Boots.

  4. Indeed, it’s pretty good. It’s a really old technique and he has had to convert a whole van to fit the ‘camera’ in.

    Each slide is a massive pane of glass, and each exposure takes minutes. I love the idea that T Model Ford had to sit striking that ‘i’m a badass’ pose for ages.

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