The Trees

There will be a lot more to say about my new book in the future, but for now I’m pleased to be able to share the following trade announcement from Bloomsbury. Helen Garnons-Williams at Bloomsbury UK and Rachel Mannheimer at Bloomsbury US have acquired the new novel by award-winning writer Ali Shaw (author of The Girl with Glass Feet) from Sue Armstrong … Read More

Scrapbook 2

Over the last few days I’ve been committing to paper a long chain of thought that, I hope, is going to serve as the basis of the biggest writing project I’ve ever undertaken.  I’m not plotting yet, just working on a setting that I hope to develop exhaustively before I embark on the actual story. I’ve never done anything like this before, and … Read More

Scrapbook 1

With each writing project I embark on, I find it useful to build a kind of digital scrapbook of images, videos and miscellaneous pieces that each reflect some  part of the story I’m trying to tell.  Most of the images are atmospheric, but some are photos of people who resemble the story’s characters, or of landscapes or places like those in which the narrative takes place. … Read More