Coyote Dances with the Stars

AliDrawings for Fairy Stories

Ah, Coyote.  He’s one of the many glories of Native American folk stories and, for me, perhaps the prime glory.  He’s a lot like the fox in European folk stories, in that he can be good or bad, wise or foolish, or all of these things at once.  In short, he’s very human, and that’s why I love him.  Now, after seemingly endless airbrushing, I’ve finally finished work on one of my favourite Coyote stories.  It’s a Cheyenne tale, and one of the places you can find it is in the fantastic American Indian Myths and Legends. Originally I was … Read More

Stars, Turned Inside Out

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The book industry’s an odd one.  About three weeks ago I finished handwriting the first draft of my third novel, which I’ve since been typing up to see what I’ve got on my hands.  In the meantime my second book, The Man who Rained, is at the printers being turned into something glossy and pretty and ready, come January, to go out into the big wide world.  Always as a writer you’re working on something a step ahead of where it appears you are now.  I was writing The Man who Rained when The Girl with Glass Feet came out, … Read More

Luke Pearson


In the last couple of years I’ve waited until the end of the year to put together a list of things I’ve loved from the preceding twelve months.  I probably shan’t be doing that this year, because I’ll have a new book out in January and lots to say about it.  So, in the meantime I have a few things I’m itching to recommend to you, things I’ve recently enjoyed that I hope might tickle your fancy too. I discovered Nobrow Press after a trip to the fabulous Gosh Comics in London.  I’d just been to see the Afghanistan exhibition … Read More


AliFigments: A Bestiary

She is one of the Panotii.  She has ears so big that she can hear evil.  Sometimes she goes out with no clothes on, because her ears are big enough to wrap around her and keep her warm. She lives on an island along with the other Panotii.  Noted cataloguer of made-up beings, Pliny the Elder, wrote that this place, this All-Ears Island, lay somewhere within landlocked Asia.  Another ancient geographer, Pomponius Mela, thought it was one of the Orkney Isles.  Thankfully, the mapmakers of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, a 700-year-old map inked onto vellum, cleared up the matter.  Their … Read More

The Man Who Rained

AliThe Man who Rained

Hello folks, and apologies for the recent radio silence.  I go through phases where I feel terribly old fashioned about the Internet and want to do all things with pen and paper, and perhaps a graphite stick or two.  I’m writing my third novel at the moment and it’s all being done in scruffy notebooks with green ink.  I can barely read my own handwriting, so it’s going to be a devil to type up, but more on that in the far future. It’s time, I think, to spill some of the beans on The Man Who Rained.  Last week … Read More