The Girl with Glass Feet – Beasts of St Hauda’s Land

AliBestiaries, The Girl with Glass Feet

St Hauda’s Land is home to many beasts and birds, as well as to rare creatures found nowhere else in the world.  This little bestiary considers what some of them mean to the novel. Narwhals In the water huge, elegant bodies moved. A narwhal pod. Funny, she thought, how invisible such huge creatures could make themselves under only a little water. She remembered she had dived once between a mother humpback and her calf. In cyan equatorial oceans. – from The Girl with Glass Feet As any Inuit can tell you, the narwhal was once a wicked mother who hated … Read More

Flying Foxes

AliBestiaries, Mr. Fox

Bad news today for the large flying fox, which has just been given an extinction warning.  Apparently it could be flapping its way to the land of Dodos and Tasmanian Wolves in as little as six years.  I think it’s easy for people in places like the UK to overlook the human and economic factors involved in the hunting of such animals, but it’s always depressing to think the world might be parting ways with a species as dramatic as this. The heads of these things look more like those of wolves or bears than the bats we get in … Read More



I have been drawing some unicorns of various kinds.  Made up animals are one of the things I like most in the world, so they seemed like a nice thing to draw.  The kind of unicorns I always liked in folklore were the timid ones that hid in the woods, rather than the big brash heraldic ones that galloped all over the place.  I couldn’t really fit unicorns into The Girl with Glass Feet, although I did find room for narwhals, which are close enough and are not made up. Click on the thumbnails to see the entire pictures, background … Read More