Coyote Dances with the Stars

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Ah, Coyote.  He’s one of the many glories of Native American folk stories and, for me, perhaps the prime glory.  He’s a lot like the fox in European folk stories, in that he can be good or bad, wise or foolish, or all of these things at once.  In short, he’s very human, and that’s why I love him.  Now, … Read More

Stars, Turned Inside Out

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The book industry’s an odd one.  About three weeks ago I finished handwriting the first draft of my third novel, which I’ve since been typing up to see what I’ve got on my hands.  In the meantime my second book, The Man who Rained, is at the printers being turned into something glossy and pretty and ready, come January, to … Read More

Godfather death

AliDrawings for Fairy Stories

This was meant to be a post about Prince Faithful, a Swedish fairy tale you can read in English in this great book. The hitch in the plan was that the story is about a genius talking horse, and that all the horses I tried to draw were too appallingly bad to post on this blog.  So there you go, … Read More