Stop-Motion Film Night 2

Time for our second Stop-Motion Film Night.  Roll up.  Settle down with the popcorn, the pick ‘n’ mix or the pack of cold beers.  Let the cinema curtains crank open in the dark. The first Stop-Motion Film Night was a somewhat creepy affair, so for this second instalment I tried to find some light-hearted videos for your delectation.  For the … Read More

Stop-Motion Film Night

Inspired by the new video for Fleet Foxes, and by the way people enjoyed the stop-motion clips at the end of my post about Scrapefoot, I thought it would be fun to start a Stop-Motion Film Night, an occasional series of clips and films from this most painstaking and enchanting school of effects and animation. I can’t pretend to … Read More

Happy Birthday Ray Harryhausen

Many happy returns to Ray Harryhausen, who turns 90 today. I’m a massive fan of his.  I remember that as a child I used to sit with my dad on the floor and watch Sinbad movies in which all manner of monsters came to life.  CGI was already establishing itself at the time, with Jurassic Park and the like hitting … Read More