The Girl with Glass Feet – Chinese Edition

Just received this in the post.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see The Girl with Glass Feet translated into quite a few different languages, and I’m always really thrilled to get copies of the finished books.  The ones that aren’t in Romance languages, however, are an especial treat.  Like most English people, I’m terrible at speaking anything else, but at least if I can recognise the … Read More

La chica con pies de cristal

Here’s the pretty cover of the new Spanish edition of La chica con pies de cristal.  It’s available from Ediciones Salamandra and they’ve done a lovely job of it.  I send them a big, heartfelt gracias.

Glass Curiosities: fulgurites & Diatoms

This was the time of night when things seemed unreal, when a thought that could be dismissed in daylight might take hold of the guts and not be uprooted until morning… He’d dreamed of lightning striking beaches and fusing sand grains into glass. – from The Girl with Glass Feet Much of the fun of researching a novel comes from … Read More