Der Mann, der den Regen träumt, and Litro Magazine Q&A

Der Mann, der den Regen träumt is published in Germany in January and script5, the book’s publishers, have put together this neat little trailer.   I’ve also done a Q&A with London’s Litro Magazine, who I used to blog a bit for.  You can read it online here.  Expect more from me tomorrow, when I explain whose furry paw this … Read More

The Man who Rained audio book

W F Howes have just released an audio book version of The Man who Rained, read by actress Laurel Lefkow. I think she reads it beautifully, but I guess I’m biased. The Man who Rained by Ali Shaw – audio book excerpt Coinciding with this is a large-print edition of the novel.  You can find all the details of both … Read More

Finn Munro

His body was as smooth as a weathered pebble on the sea shore.  He had very little complexion: he was not so much a white man as a grey one.  He had a flat pair of buttocks and skin as hairless as that of his head. He stood on the ridge between her viewpoint and the sun.  His tall body … Read More