Der Mann, der den Regen träumt, and Litro Magazine Q&A

AliThe Man who Rained

Der Mann, der den Regen träumt is published in Germany in January and script5, the book’s publishers, have put together this neat little trailer.   I’ve also done a Q&A with London’s Litro Magazine, who I used to blog a bit for.  You can read it online here.  Expect more from me tomorrow, when I explain whose furry paw this is…

AliDer Mann, der den Regen träumt, and Litro Magazine Q&A

The Man who Rained audio book

AliThe Man who Rained

W F Howes have just released an audio book version of The Man who Rained, read by actress Laurel Lefkow. I think she reads it beautifully, but I guess I’m biased. The Man who Rained by Ali Shaw – audio book excerpt Coinciding with this is a large-print edition of the novel.  You can find all the details of both versions at W F Howes’ site.

AliThe Man who Rained audio book

Finn Munro

AliThe Man who Rained

His body was as smooth as a weathered pebble on the sea shore.  He had very little complexion: he was not so much a white man as a grey one.  He had a flat pair of buttocks and skin as hairless as that of his head. He stood on the ridge between her viewpoint and the sun.  His tall body was an eclipse and the light was a corona behind it.  He spread his arms in a pose of dejected surrender. Then, very gradually, he began to dissolve. Like chalk washed into a blur by the rain, his outline began to distort, and almost imperceptibly he lost his form.  One minute he was a man and the next he was a blurry grey silhouette.  His skin became a coat of mist.  The sun shining from behind him lit him up and edged him with its brilliance, wherein he stopped looking man-shaped and instead resembled a cloud formed by chance into the posture of a human being. He broke up.  His head caved in, becoming nothing more than a dented sphere of fog.  His chest tore apart and the blue sky and bright sun shone through the place where his heart should have been.  He disintegrated, every second less like a man and more like a cloud. – from The Man who Rained by Ali Shaw

AliFinn Munro