I’ll be taking part in Ex Libris Live! on 3rd November


I’m going to be taking part in Ex Libris Live! on 3rd November, 7-9pm at Blackwell’s Broad Street, Oxford.  Ex Libris Live! is a panel version of the board game Ex Libris, and it should be a fun (and hopefully funny) evening.  Here are all the details, from the Blackwell’s site.


  • Thursday, November 3rd at 19:00 – 21:00

    We are overjoyed to announce the panelists for the next Ex Libris LIVE! show:Ali Shaw is an award-winning author of The Girl with Glass Feet, his latest novel, The Trees, explores the beautiful and violent relationship between humans and the environment.

    Jenny Colgan is a prolific, renowned, award-winning author, who’s work spans all the way from Sci-Fi (Doctor Who books) to Rom-coms such as the much anticipated; Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery.

    Jamie Morton has the rather dubious accolade of being the host and co-creator of iTunes No.1 podcast; My Dad Wrote a Porno, based on his father’s rather poorly written erotica.

    Charles Foster is a writer, traveller, veterinarian and barrister. His latest book Being a Beast documents his time living like, and learning about, some of the many beasts that roam the UK.

    Come and watch these extraordinary word smiths, cross pens as they bluff and counter bluff in Ex Libris LIVE! the entertaining panel show adaptation of Ex Libris, the game of first lines and last words.

    While panelists set about writing fake but plausible opening or closing sentences to genuine books, the Ex Libris LIVE! host, broadcaster David Freeman, will interview, in turn, each contender discussing their recent work.

    Join us for an entertaining evening of bluffing, entertaining chit-chat and outright literary sneakiness! Tickets cost £5 and are now on sale. Please call 01865 333623 or visit the bookshop Customer Service Department to purchase your ticket.