My sketchbook is the place where I unwind.  Most of the time I draw just for fun, using graphite sticks, pencils or the occasional pastel.  Sometimes, however, drawing can be a useful complement to writing.  If I get stuck on a passage of a story, I’ll often turn to my sketchbook and find that it helps my thoughts to flow again.  Below are a few of the results.


Drawings for The Man who Rained

Drawings for The Girl with Glass Feet

Drawings for Fairy Stories

These are the first few images from a series I made to illustrate fairy stories.  Here we have drawings for the Cheyenne legend Coyote Dances with the Stars.  The last image was drawn inverted, so that highlights were black and shadows white.  It was then inverted again, digitally, to give the universe its proper shades.  Click here to see an extra large version.