Lucinda Schreiber

AliStrange and Beautiful Things

Just wanted to share something amazing.  This is by an artist and animator called Lucinda Schreiber.  Stop motion chalk drawings moving from blackboard to blackboard.  I absolutely love it. Firekites – AUTUMN STORY – chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.

Leaf Insects

AliStrange and Beautiful Things

I’m currently writing a short story which includes a masked ball and a leaf insect, so I’ve been trying to draw a few costumes and bugs to imagine them better.  It’s amazing that evolution threw up an animal like this.  Here’s a real life one in a plastic tub, with somebody playing cards (I think) in the background. I’ve made a couple of New Years Resolutions recently to learn to draw with pens, and maybe this will be the year I actually try to stick to it.  It’s only May, after all.  I think you need something like a hundred … Read More

May Day

AliThe Girl with Glass Feet

I wanted to write something on Friday about The Girl with Glass Feet finally being available, but opened up the blog form and instantly got blog block, which sounds more horrible than it is.  I think it was difficult to say anything because it was quietly overwhelming.  The good folk at Blackwell Broad Street in Oxford had put the book out on display and it was very special to be able to go in and see it there.  The publishers, Atlantic, did such a good job of making it into a pretty object, and that really paid off when the … Read More



I have been drawing some unicorns of various kinds.  Made up animals are one of the things I like most in the world, so they seemed like a nice thing to draw.  The kind of unicorns I always liked in folklore were the timid ones that hid in the woods, rather than the big brash heraldic ones that galloped all over the place.  I couldn’t really fit unicorns into The Girl with Glass Feet, although I did find room for narwhals, which are close enough and are not made up. Click on the thumbnails to see the entire pictures, background … Read More goes live


Hello and welcome to what will be my online journal, keeping track of news about my novel The Girl with Glass Feet. You can of course read all about the book here, and read the book itself as of May 1st.  That’s just around the corner now and I’m both excited and a little anxious – I hope people will get some enjoyment from it. In addition to news about the novel, and my writing in general, I plan to post about things I find interesting and upload the occasional drawing from my sketchbook.  This blog will be synchronised (as … Read More